About Me

I consider myself to be an accidental cook. Growing up, I learned how to cook from my grandma as I helped her with house chores. Soon enough, grandma passed me her trusty wok and the real fun began! Grandma never measures anything so trying to figure out precise measurements for her recipe is pretty hard. Her old school cooking method, known as "agak-agak" by the Malaysians, can strangely produce the most consistent food quality. Agak-agak means to approximate in Malay.

Realizing the significance of the recipes handed down to me by grandma, I started writing them down. One of the purpose of this blog is to share my grandma's recipes and her passion for food. I'm hoping the cultural transmission from my grandma to me can continue to be passed down from me to you.

When I am not cooking, I am a primatologist and an anthropologist. I run the blog The Prancing Papio, a primatology and physical anthropology blog. Besides cooking, I'm also interested in primate behavior.

I currently live in New York City with my husband Vance (who guest blogs sometimes) and our 3 cats: Monkey, Cloudy and Serra.