February 28, 2009

Stuffed Chinese Crullers

I used to make these back in Malaysia, my grandma loves eating them. I haven't made these for so long and kinda craved it the other day. This is an easy dish to make, all you gotta do is stuffed the crullers and pan fry them. This type of crullers are not to be confused with the sweet ones you buy from the bakery. Chinese fried crullers (Yao Ja Guai in Cantonese) are savory and are used in or eaten with savory dishes. If you can't find fresh Chinese fried crullers, they are sold in bags in any Chinese supermarkets.

1 container fish paste (13 oz.)
Chinese fried crullers (2 pairs)
1 tablespoon white pepper
Some oil for frying

Mix fish paste with white pepper. Set aside.

Break cruller pairs into individual crullers. Cut crullers in half (you should have 8 pieces). Slit cruller on the middle so it looks like a hot dog roll.

Scoop fish paste into the middle cavity and stuffed crullers. Repeat until all crullers are used up.

Heat oil on medium heat. Pan fry stuffed crullers, stuffing-side first. Cook for a few minutes, and then brown the other side for about a minute or two (be careful not to burn this side because the cruller was already fried).

Drain crullers on absorbent paper before serving. Serve with chilli sauce, ketchup or Kewpie Mayonnaise.

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