May 16, 2010

Soy Milk and Longan Pudding

A traditional Malaysian classic made vegan. We're hosting a dinner tonight with one vegetarian and one vegan. I figured I'll make a vegan dessert that's easy and you can say that it's semi homemade. This recipe calls for agar-agar powder but you can absolutely substitute it with agar-agar strands or even unflavored gelatin. Some vegetarians draw the line on gelatin while others don't so using agar-agar is a good substitute for vegetarian and vegan guests. This recipe is for about 6-8 people so you can just halves the recipe. I reckon this is a good potluck dish to make as well.

2 cans of longan in syrup (drain fruit and keep the syrup)
8 cups soy milk, sweetened
1/ 2 cup sugar
8 cups *liquid (You basically want 8 cups of liquid. Add in all the longan syrup you get from the cans. Then, add enough water so that you now have 8 cups of liquid.)
4 pandan leaves, tie in a knot
1 packet agar-agar powder (0.88 oz. or 25g)

In a pot, boil 8 cups of liquid with sugar and pandan leaves. Once mixture starts to boil, keep it on low heat and boil for another 10 minutes. Turn the heat to medium. Add in agar-agar powder. Mix and cook until all the powder dissolves. Stir occasionally so that the mixture doesn't boil over. Turn off the heat. Add in soy milk and longan. Stir mixture. Pour mixture equally into two 9"x13" rectangular casserole dish. Let mixture cool before you put it in the fridge. Chill overnight. Scoop chilled pudding and serve.


Anonymous said...

This looks very good and your grandma is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Raymond Ho said...

Thank you :)