August 25, 2010

Meat Lovers Pizza

I normally don't make pizza but when I do, this is what I make. When I first had this was at Tony's Pizza in Willimantic, CT, I was sold. You can also make this if you're a vegetarian and you love the taste of fake meat (because seriously, the REAL reason YOU are a vegetarian is because you want to be COOL).

I get my pizza dough from Whole Foods, which is very convenient coz you don't have to make 'em and they hold up pretty good inside the freezer. You can find these frozen dough on the frozen aisle. I don't really have exact measurements for the meats in this pizza because it's a meat lovers pizza so put as many meat as you want in it!

1 Whole Foods pizza dough (defrosted)
Bacon (cooked)
Italian sausage
Hamburger meat (or frozen patty)
2 cups cheese (mix of mozzarella and yellow cheese. I used mozzarella and cheddar)
3/4 cup of pizza sauce (more if you like them saucy)
1 teaspoon oregano
(Optional) 1 teaspoon pepper flakes (if you like it spicy)
(Optional) 1 tablespoon McCormick's Grill Mates Roasted Garlic & Herb Seasoning
Some oil to grease the pan

Preheat oven at 500 degrees. Grease the pizza pan with some oil. Put the dough on the pan and start kneading it towards the edge.

Once you spread the dough all over the pan, pinch the sides to raise the dough's edge.

Once that is done, pour pizza sauce on top of the pizza dough and spread it evenly. Sprinkle oregano on top of the sauce.

Sprinkle cheese on top of the pizza, reserving 1/2 cup for later.

Now you can start layering your toppings. First, you want to put the pepperoni. Arrange them neatly over the dough.

Then put in sausages and hamburger meat. Ironically, I don't have any Italian sausage at home but instead I'm using vegetarian breakfast links (jokes on me, HAH!).

Then sprinkle in the bacon. After that, sprinkle pepper flakes and Grill Mates seasoning.

Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top of the pizza.

Put the pizza in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes (less if you are only using vegetarian meat). Let your arteries start clogging!!

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